AKUSIA Onlus Foundation has been founded to support and help persons, associations and projects whose aim is to improve the quality of life for those people who face communication disorders.

About us

Akusia Onlus Foundation is a Non-profit Organization, which promotes and supports initiatives and projects to empower people who live in difficult situations and experience of marginalization due to pathologies which limit their communication and relationship possibilities. 

Risus non abundat ... but laughing is good!

Anthropology, history, physiology and laught therapy. Examples in theater and in life. Akusia Foundation supports and participates in the event organized by Piri Piri Circle of Culture and Science.

Covid-19 - 3,500 sierological tests for the Policlinico Hospital in Milan

Akusia Onlus Foundation donates 3,500 IgG and IgM anti Covid-19 antbody diagnostic test kits to the Department of Biomedical Surgical and Dental Sciences of the University of Milan Faculty of Medicine to realize a departmental multicenter project.

Latest Projects

Visual storytelling workshop "Hey I want to tell you"

Visual storytelling workshop "The meeting point"

"A future for Djaneba"


The Foundation promotes conferences, seminars and debates in collaboration with universities, hospitals and research centers to give a concrete contribution to the improvement of relational skills and quality of life for people affected by communication disorders. Akusia Foundation contributes to grow an inclusive culture and to further a knowledge in these areas.

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